FAQ, Part 2 - How To Get Featured on Our Profile

How do I get my photo featured on @instagramaz?

Most of what we do is on Instagram, including how we select which photos to feature. To have your photos considered for our daily features, simply add the tag #ig_arizona to your photos when you post them. We look through the tag daily, and choose the most amazing photos to feature. You can also enter our contests, using the unique hashtags for each contest. Some examples are our Black & White Photo Challenge or our Arizona Wildflowers Photo Challenge.

Can I email photo submissions?

We receive a lot of photos in our inbox from people wanting to be featured; however, we only use the tags on Instagram for photo selections. It keeps things fair for everyone, with no sneaky pay-for-feature funny business. On a side note, I apologize that I don’t have the time to answer each email. I just have way too much going on to respond to each message — especially ones asking to be featured. However, I hope this FAQ provides an answer to why your emailed photo was never featured.

What happened to the #instagramaz tag?

Recently (January 1, 2019) we switched to using #ig_arizona instead of #instagramaz because our original tag had become overrun with too many pictures of phone cases, knockoff handbags, and selfies from dudes in Azerbaijan — stuff nobody wants to see. Even though we’re no longer monitoring the #instagramaz tag for daily features, I’m still very proud of what we’ve accomplished. When I founded this community back in 2011, the idea of getting over a million hashtags was unthinkable. I’m extremely grateful for how everyone embraced the tag and the community, and together continues to make it a wonderful collection of photos and people.