About Donjay’s Photography


People and Landscapes

I usually shoot outdoors, using natural light to capture my subjects and highlighting the beauty I find in nature. I’m probably best known for landscape work, usually positioning a person in the frame so it creates a bit of a narrative to the scene. However, that’s not the only thing I do; I also shoot portraits, architecture, fashion, lifestyle, aerial photos, astrophotography, and more.

"Clean, natural, bold, and often creatively integrating a human element, Donjay captures the spirit of Phoenix and the surrounding areas through photos." 

- NewTimes

Many of my photos are shot in Arizona, but I also like to travel and explore other parts of the planet. I’m constantly challenging myself to create unique and interesting compositions, and I usually take a very open-minded approach to my shoots. My philosophy is: explore first, stay curious, and the photos will follow.

"Lovely fashion shots. Ethereal desert photos. Pretty portraits. Spectacularly composed landscapes."

- Megan Finnerty

If you want to know more, have a look at the Write-Ups and Interviews section below, or read some Questions and Answers about me here.

Write-Ups and Interviews

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Brand Collaborations

Beyond working on my own projects, I’m also open to other inspiring collaborations. I’ve worked with various brands and organizations in the past to provide content and/or promotion — some of which are shown below. If you’d like to discuss partnership possibilities, feel free to reach out via the contact form at the bottom of this page.