Listed alphabetically:

  • Canyon State Aero  —  Helicopter tour company with personable and professional pilots – amazing way to see the Valley of the Sun.
  • Erik Hays  —  Imaginitive designer and photographer from Phoenix, helps with the local Instagram community.
  • Geof Newsum  —  Innovative photographer and hashtag trendsetter, creator of the #roofline_envelope concept.
  • HTML5 UP  —  Awesome website templates, provided most of the code for this version of my website; good follow on Twitter too.
  • Michelle Tarin  —  Unsung hero of the AZ Instagram community, talented photographer who shot the photo which became the Donjay icon.
  • Ryan Neal Cordwell  —  Brilliant photographer and filmmaker, unique eye for creating or capturing scenes.
  • TonalityTools  —  World-class mastering studio, founded by the man with the golden ear: Steve Marlowe.